Saturday, January 28, 2017

Great news about Cub Scout program modifications and a "How To Train Your Dragon" Blue and Gold Banquet

Since the new Cub Scout Program launched in 2015, Cub leaders have scrambled to find updated resources and begin implementing the "adventure" requirements that will lead their boys towards earning their next Cub Scout rank.

Apparently, the BSA has been just as busy, watching, learning, and determining what adjustments now need to be made to the new program. And so, on November 30th, 2016, the BSA officially announced modifications to the new program introduced in 2015. As a Bear den leader myself, I will confess I was pretty excited. Suddenly I could see it would be significantly less stressful trying to squeeze in all those requirements in one small year's worth of meetings. Perhaps the most important change for the Bears was relaxing "Grin and Bear It" to an elective adventure and upgrading "Baloo the Builder" to a required adventure. While I think carnivals are still a terrific idea, I was relieved to feel that a little of the pressure was off to present one every single year. It means cubmasters again have a little more flexibility in what they do with their pack meetings, putting a carnival in every so often on a less rigid and hopefully more enjoyable basis.

For those who haven't seen the modifications, I'm posting a link to it on my blog (see the right margin). These modifications still work with the original handbook for the new program, so don't fret about running out to buy a new book. Simply compare the old and new requirements (which are side by side in this link) to become acquainted with what adjustments you'll need to make as you prepare to move your Cubs forward with their required and elective adventures.

Along with the modifications to the program, it was time again to pull together another roundtable Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scout leaders in our district this month. And, having had such great success with Legos last year, we decided to tackle dragons and Vikings, all in one feast, in another contemporary-themed Blue and Gold event, with inspiration from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. 

I'm working on providing you with the latest Cubmaster Pack Picks for this theme, as well as a single-page pdf to give you a visual of some of the things we pulled together for the banquet (some of which are mentioned in the "Pack Picks.") You'll see both files posted here on my blog.

It was a fabulous banquet, by the way. We had a great turn out, even with all the crazy winter weather this month, and our Cub Scout leaders, as always, just added to the tremendous fun of the evening. Many thanks to those who brought food, helped with preparation, and just came and brought their energy with them. And a special thanks to my staff. They really knocked themselves out to pull this one off. You, my friends, are amazing!