Thursday, March 20, 2014

Need More Stuff?

I'll admit I've tried very hard to keep my blog updated with the monthly national pack meeting resources, as well as my own Cubmaster Pack Picks (just more great monthly pack meeting ideas), but in preparing to talk to my cubmasters at roundtable about bridging ceremonies, it occurred to me that maybe there really wasn't enough stuff on my blog yet. So here it is, more stuff!

This evening I've added a few extras to my blog which include more Arrow of Light ceremony ideas and a few bridging ceremony ideas (right column, under "Special Ceremonies") as well as more "Extra Helps" (left column) including Balloon Fun, Jelly Bean Games, and more. I even posted instructions for the famed "Balloon Racer" my cubmasters had so much fun building several months ago. And oh yes, not done digging through the files yet. But in the meantime . . .