Saturday, January 30, 2016

Update Time! And Lego Time!

Great news! At long last, I'm finally getting around to the updates I planned to do nearly a year ago. Hooray!! With the new Cub Scout program going into effect last summer, I knew I needed to get stuff up to snuff on my blog. But oh, I've had so many, many other projects as well!

However, having attended a Cub Scout leader training in Utah -- Akela's Council -- I'm now feeling the pressure to work on all those great Cub Scout goals I made. (Not to mention pressure from some very kind -- but firm -- but kind -- Cub Scout leaders at roundtable . . .) As much as goals and deadlines can drive us crazy, they can also be a great blessing because they prod us to move forward. Yay for goals!

As part of my goals, I've promised to do some serious updating to the information on my blog. The first step was updating my "Cubmaster Pack Picks." These pack picks are meant to help you come up with great ideas for your monthly pack meetings. Many are tied to core values (the "old" program, now), but they still work great with the Scout Law. As part of my updating, I've gone in and given them their "thematic" identity, rather than simply listing the core value each covers.

As a bonus, I've also produced a brand new Cubmaster Pack Picks, as part of our district roundtable Blue and Gold Banquet events this month. And so, I share with you four glorious pages of "Lego Mania." This contemporary theme would work great for a Blue and Gold Banquet, as well as for any other pack meeting and includes opening and closing ceremonies, refreshment ideas, skits, run-ons, cheers, advancement -- the whole ball of wax! I hope you enjoy it. :)

Over the next few weeks, I'll continue updating files on my blog, hopefully making it even easier for you to grab the info you need most. (Yay for goals! Did I already say that?) Keep grinning, and keep scouting --